Bowtech® - The Bowen Therapy

What is it?

Bowen technique is a unique form of neuromuscular reprogramming. It works not only by the nervous system on the structural and muscular level, but also via the lymphatic system and blood circulation. This technique is known for its effectiveness in the internal disorders as well as in the rehabilitation process.

Bowen technique is a new concept of work with the body,

which does not derivate from any other known technique and does not resemble any. The effects are spectacular:

  • Curvatures typically straighten - and without the manipulation of joints and bones, as is the case in manual therapy.
  • Muscle tension and strain disappear, while a normal flow within the lymphatic system returns, without pressure on the muscles, which is used in a massage though.
  • You can see an immediate improvement in the meridians (lines connecting particular acupuncture points), but this treatment technique is not based on meridians and does not resemble acupuncture or acupressure.
  • Positive psychological changes often occur, but it is not necessary to induce an emotional reaction which typically takes place in the mind-body relationship therapies
  • Typically everyone feels a pleasant state of relaxation, accompanied by a deep sense of well-being and tranquility.

How does it work?

There are several theories trying to explain the way the Bowen Technique works. One of them suggests that the "Bowen moves" stimulate the proprioceptors, that is  the receptors of the peripheral nervous system.This process stimulates the body to "reorganize" and to return to its natural state of health. Proprioreceptors are responsible for recording information on the position and movements of the body and are found in connective tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias

One type of receptors so called nociceptor plays a particularly important role as regards the efficiency of the Bowen treatment technique. Nociceptors are responsible for the registration of unpleasant stimuli that potentially or actually have a devastating effect on tissue. Sometimes they are called pain receptors, but the name can be misleading, as the pain is actually recorded at a higher level -the brain. Nociceptors are found in most tissues, but there are especially many in the fascia, a fibrous membrane that surrounds and supports the muscles, tissues and many organs. The fascia creates space between the muscle groups and between individual muscles, monofilaments and so on, down to microscopic divisions, thus allowing optimal and healthy movement of fluid to all the muscles and joints throughout the body.

When the body is hurt for instance a toe is broken, nociceptors send an automatic signal with the speed of 70-120 meters per second using the fibers leading to the thalamus, located in the brain. This information is then processed by the cortex and sent back along the other fibers in the damaged area, in order to begin the healing process by muscle contraction and initiating inflammation of the injured area.

If pain persists for a long time, the fascia remains contracted to protect the painful area, resulting in dysfunction or limit the movement of the relevant part of the surrounding tissue. Therefore, even after healing of bones we still limp because fascia remains in the same position and thus limited mobility.

Who can benefit from the therapy?

Bowen therapy is appropriate and effective for everyone from neonates to the elderly. Relieves athletes, pregnant women and people different kind of disorders. Patients suffering from diseases of the skeleton, joints, muscles and tendons, neurological both acute and chronic, show a large improvement in health.