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Francine DesRosiers

She is an occupational therapist from Quebec Canada. For 5 years she worked at schools and welfare centers for youth up to 20 years of age with cognitive and mobility challenges. In 1998, she established her own practice and successfully operates to this day  especially with children with disorders like autism, physical and cognitive disability , behavioral problems and learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD and anxiety.

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Association of Parents of Sick Children (Stowarzyszenie Rodziców
Dzieci Chorych)

The association "To ma sens!" (It makes sense!)" adopts a broad an open approach to help all those parents and their children who are suffering from chronic illness. The most common problem parents experience is the lack of sufficient information on where and how to seek medical, legal and psychological help. They lack contact with other parents who are in a similar situation.

Each disease affects the whole family - and we want tohelp the whole family we want to help.

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Neurosphera - Epilepsy Therapy Center

"Neurosphera" is a specialized clinic for patients with epilepsy. The patients are under the care of  Dr. Piotr Zwoliński - epileptologist, neuroscientist and the Director of the Centre. There are also two other psychiatrists Dr Szymon Niemcewicz and Dr. Tomasz Szafrański who run individual specializedpsychiatric practice. The Center conducts it own diagnostics (own EEG) and treatment of epilepsy and some mental illnesses. The entity also cooperates with selected centers that is,  neuropsychologist, neurorehab specialist, a neurosurgeon.

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